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Tyres can give up anytime, but it’s not always possible to afford a new unit if it calls for a replacement. Thus, as an alternative, several car owners opt for part worn tyres Cheltenham. It’s cost-effective and often a smarter solution than going for new car tyres.

At The Tyreman, you can find an extensive range of such tyres. You might wonder, however, if those products will be safe. To put your concerns to rest, our technicians perform thorough quality and safety-checks for each part-worn tyre at our facility. In fact, we use specialised equipment to pressure-test these products.

Thus, you can rest assured about quality while purchasing part worn tyres Cheltenham from us.

What are part-worn tyres?

Essentially, these are second-hand tyres. Often, car owners replace tyres while their vehicle’s existing ones still have some thousand-mile worth of life left with no defects.

We make sure that these units meet the legal standards before making them available for sale. Thus, when you buy second-hand tyres from us, you can rest assured that these do not involve any violation of norms. In fact, our part used products feature “green credentials.”

Are part-worn tyres legal?

It is not illegal to sell second-hand tyres in the UK. In fact, according to TyreSafe, more than 5.5 million second-hand tyres are sold in the United Kingdom.

But, its legitimacy is subject to several laws. These guidelines ensure that such tyres are in proper condition and safe for use.

At our facility, The Tyreman, we take it even a step further. Our technicians not only ensure compliance with the set laws but also conduct additional safety checks to ascertain their robustness.

What are the laws regarding part-worn tyres?

We sell second-hand tyres only after they meet the following requirements –

  • Tread depth around the tyre’s circumference is more than 2mm.
  • There should be no compromise in the structural integrity, like any significant cut and bulges.
  • “Part worn” should be embossed on the tyre’s sidewall. This marking should be at least 4mm tall.
  • If a tyre is retreaded, it should carry the necessary British Standards marking besides the lettering “Part worn”.
  • In case it’s not retreaded, the tyre should feature the letter E.

What are the benefits of buying part-worn tyres?

You may want to consider purchasing part worn tyres Cheltenham for the following reasons:

  1. Cheap

    They are cheaper than most brand new tyres. Thus, if you do not intend to spend much on new units, these can be ideal alternatives for you.

  2. Brand exposure

    Our inventory comprises second-hand tyres from a range of well-reputed brands. Thus, you can mount premium branded part-worn products on your vehicle, which may be better substitutes of new budget tyres.

So, if these advantages suit your requirements, contact us today.

With The Tyreman, you no longer need to search for “tyres near me”.

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