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Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere due to a puncture is frustrating, but quite common nonetheless. Driving your vehicle with a punctured tyre can increase the risk of accident and damage to other car components. Driving with a flat tyre causes severe damage to the tyre s rim and parts of your vehicle.

To be on the safer side, it is in your best interest to reach out to a professional garage for assistance.

The Tyreman specialises in car puncture repair Cheltenham. We provide convenient and affordable solutions to repair your car tyres, strictly following the British Standards.

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Primary causes of tyre punctures

A car owner must always be aware of the instances which can lead to tyre pressure loss. To ensure driving stability and handling performance, it is crucial that your vehicle s tyres hold adequate pressure. We thus also provide free tyre checks at our garage.

The following are the leading causes of a sudden tyre blowout.

  • Cuts from sharp objects like nails or debris

  • Faulty tyre valve

  • Worn-out tyre treads

  • Leaking tyre beads

At The Tyreman, we guarantee faultless car puncture repair Cheltenham so that you can enjoy a hassle-free driving experience.

Types of puncture repair

  • The Tyreman provides a 2 part puncture repair using a patch and a plug which then makes it the strongest part of the tyre.

The Tyreman is renowned as a trustworthy puncture repairing garage Cheltenham. Our experts conduct a thorough checkup to determine the puncture area. Further, they will determine if the tyre is repairable or not, measuring the depth and leakage and proceed accordingly.

How do we approach puncture repairs Cheltenham?

Our technicians strictly follow the BS AU 159F standards to conduct prompt puncture repairs. Some of the steps we follow are detailed below:

  1. We remove the tyre from the rim and locate the damaged area.

  2. Then, we prepare a puncture channel from both inside and outside the tyre by using a carbide mill cutter.

  3. We then proceed to clean the puncture area and its surroundings with a pre-buff solution.

  4. Further, we place the patches on the marked area.

  5. Then, we start buffing the inner line appropriately with dome buffing rasp.

  1. Next, we add a vulcanising accelerator solution inside the lining to repair the puncture.

  2. We place the tyre repair patch inside the channel and pull it outwards until tyre gets sealed properly.

  3. After that, our experts cover the patch with an inner lining sealant.

  4. Then, we mount the tyre back on the wheel and pump adequate air until the pressure meets manufacturer specifications.

  5. The wheel will be freshly balanced before it goes back on the car.

At The Tyreman, we use the best materials and special tools and follow a step-by-step procedure to give you a satisfactory result.

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