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Summer tyres are exclusively made to offer improved traction and acceleration on hot summer tarmacs, especially when temperatures are above 7°C. In the UK, specialised summer tyres are preferred over all-season units by 95% of the car owners. The reason behind this is the superior construction of summer tyres that are suited for high-performance vehicles and offers unsurpassed speed and agility.

At The Tyreman, we stock an expansive inventory of summer tyres Cheltenham, compatible with any vehicle make and model. Whether you drive a passenger sedan, an SUV, or a hatchback, you are certain to find the ideal tyres for it at our garage.

Why opt for summer tyres Cheltenham?

The construction of summer tyres is unique and maximises performance on dry and warm roads.

  • Summer tyres, in comparison to the all-season variants, feature a shallow tread depth and lesser grooves that increase road contact and thereby offer improved responsiveness and cornering precision.
  • Unlike all-season tyres, summer tyres are built with superior hard rubber compounds that have a lesser amount of natural rubber. It increases the durability and the tread life of summer tyres Cheltenham.
  • Also, in terms of hydroplaning resistance, the tread designs of summer tyres are specifically customised to offer enhanced water evacuation, control and grip on wet surfaces.

The Tyreman’s top-selling summer units 2020

Listed below are two of the best-selling summer car tyres Cheltenham that are highly rated by our customers.

  • Bridgestone Potenza RE050A
  • The Bridgestone Potenza RE050A is a high-performance summer tyre, manufactured with wide circumferential grooves that offer improved cornering precision. This unit offers exceptional control and response with the ingeniously designed solid circumferential central rib. Also, the specially shaped block edges with slanted mid grooves offer improved water evacuation and hence enhance aquaplaning resistance significantly.

  • PremiumContact6

The award-winning PremiumContact6 has surpassed its competitors by miles. This summer tyre from the German giant, Continental AG, has revolutionised wet braking once and for all. Its Safety Silica Compound ensures constant wet traction, thereby offering you unmatched safety even in heavy rainfall.

Further, the PremiumContact6 is the perfect testimony of Continental’s matchless technical prowess and R&D. Packed with superior technologies like ContiSeal, ContiSilent and SSR, this is surely one of the best summer tyres Cheltenham you can possibly buy.

Hence, end your search for summer “tyres near me” and visit our garage - The Tyreman - to buy summer tyres from iconic brands at a competitive price.

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