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Since November 2012, it has been mandatory for tyre manufacturers to label their products so that customers can take a conscious buying decision. These labels relay crucial information on three performance metrics – wet braking, fuel economy and noise levels.

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Keep reading to know what the EU tyre label means.

Understanding the EU tyre label

  • Wet grip

This particular criterion reflects the distance at which the car will stop on a wet surface on braking. The scale ranges from A to G, and there is a difference of 2.5 metres between two consecutive ratings.

While tyres rated ‘A’ offer the shortest braking distance, the ‘G’ rated ones provide the worst wet braking performance.

  • Noise

The EU tyre label depicts noise levels with the help of three sound bars.

While car tyres Cheltenham with one filled sound bar generate the least amount of sound, those with three filled sound bars are the noisiest. You must carefully analyse this rating before making your purchase.

  • Fuel economy

Similar to the wet grip rating, the scale for fuel economy also ranges from A to G. Tyres with rating ‘A’ offer the least rolling resistance, and thus, ensure maximum fuel economy. On the other, the ‘G’ rated units offer the worst fuel efficiency.

The difference between the best and worst ratings is a staggering 7.5% in performance approximately. As 20% of the fuel consumption of a vehicle depends on its tyres, one should choose tyres Cheltenham after carefully assessing the label.

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