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Tyre size is a significant aspect and has a direct impact on the acceleration, speed and braking mechanism of your car. Hence, if you are about to purchase new tyres Cheltenham, it is important that you avail the perfect fit of tyres recommended for your car segment to enjoy maximum handling precision.

However, the alphanumeric code which represents a tyre size can often be challenging to understand.

Therefore, we recommend you to visit our garage, The Tyreman, and avail our professional help to find the perfect set of car tyres for your vehicle.

Understanding tyre size in details

To understand the tyre size meaning of car tyres Cheltenham, it is essential to learn the various aspects.

Let us take an example - 205/55/R16 98H

This entire code reflects certain parameters, which are explained below.

  • Section width- In the above code, “205” represents the section width of the particular unit and is measured in millimetres.
  • Aspect ratio- Next, “55” represents the aspect ratio of the unit, determined by dividing the section height with the section width.
  • Construction- The letter ‘R’ represents that the tyre has a radial construction. The other variants can be D (diagonal) or B (Belted) construction.
  • Diameter- ‘16’ in the above code represents the rim diameter of the tyre in inches.
  • Load index- Further, the load index is determined by the digits “98” and represents the maximum load each tyre can carry.
  • Speed rating- The speed rating is determined by the last letter -‘H’ and reflects the maximum speed limit, which in this case, is 130mph.

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