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Continental tyres are the perfect amalgamation of German engineering prowess and innovative technology that promises nothing but safety, performance, and superlative driving comfort.

This brand's popularity in the UK market can be easily noticed as every third car is equipped with Continental units. It is currently the fourth largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Not only that, leading car manufacturers including BMW, Ford, and Porsche, fit their cars with Continental tyres, thus further enriching its reputation.

The 149 years of glorious presence in the automotive industry has gained unwavering trust among car owners across the globe. The excellence of Continental tyres has won the brand the 'Product of the Year' award from the Auto Express.

Are you willing to buy Continental car tyres Cheltenhamto enjoy your share of matchless driving experience?

The Tyreman is proud to stock its shelves with a wide selection of Continental tyres Cheltenham, suitable for every road and weather condition.

Continental tyres: Our bestsellers

1. Sport Contact 5: Continental has developed this high-performance tyre with 'Black Chilli Technology' and 'macro block' design to deliver superior grip, stability, cornering precision and shorter braking distances.

Also, the presence of carbon black in the tread provides reduced rolling resistance, thus increasing fuel economy.

2. EcoContact 6: This eco-friendly model is capable of lowering CO2 emissions along with providing improved handling, braking, comfort, enhanced wet grip and reduced rolling resistance.

3. All Season Contact: Designed with proprietary adaptive compound, this range is capable of delivering superior handling performance, enhanced grip and driving comfort on snow-covered and wet paths.

The All-Season Contact is also notable for its improved aquaplaning resistance; hence this is clearly one of the best Continental tyres Cheltenham for you.

4. WinterContact TS 860: This model of Continental features the 'SnowCurve Technology', which efficiently improves traction on icy paths. The 'liquid layer drainage' feature quickly disperses water from the tyre's direction, thus reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

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