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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?


Winter tracks bring their set of challenges, and hence, your vehicle requires superior quality winter tyres Cheltenham for a matchless driving experience on these roads. A regular car tyre won’t make the cut and cannot offer optimised handling performance during harsh winters in the UK.

If you are looking forward to purchase winter tyres Cheltenham, you must avail them from an authorised retailer like The Tyreman, who can ensure that there won’t be any quality issue.

We are not just reliable, but the most versatile and the largest retailer of tyres in this County. Please visit us during business hours at 6B Colletts Drive, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 8JQ to buy a set for your vehicle.

Unique features of winter tyres Cheltenham

Before going ahead to buy winter tyres Cheltenham, we recommend you learn a bit more about the distinct construction of these units so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Winter tyres are constructed with softer rubber compounds with increased natural rubber content that prevents the units from stiffening if the temperature drops below 7 °C. The rubber compound, therefore, helps the tyres to be flexible and supple, and offer unmatched stability on icy tracks.

  • Winter car tyres Cheltenham come with an increased tread depth and deeper grooves to optimise grip on snow and ice. The grooves also help to evacuate ice and snow efficiently, and therefore, improve braking and cornering precision significantly.

Best-selling winter tyres at our garage

Listed below are some of the most sought-after winter car tyres available at our garage at competitive prices.

  • WinterContact TS 860 – Think safety and superb handling on winter roads, think WinterContact TS 860!

These Continental winter tyres Cheltenham are known for their unmatched braking performance and manoeuvrability on snow, slush and sleet. Its CoolChilli compound ensures that motoring on slippery surfaces is never a hassle. There’s solid reason why Auto Zeitung, a leading German magazine, highly recommends this unit.

  • Michelin X-ICE SNOW- This tyre from Michellin is customised with two types of 3D sipes that offer shorter braking distances. The new aggressive tread design with specialised void ratio and V-shaped tread increases aquaplaning resistance. Further, the interlocking 3D sipes and innovative EverGrip Technology ensure longer tread life and optimise vehicle control as well.

You will find these and much more at our inventory in The Tyreman.

Therefore, end your search for “tyres near me” and purchase winter tyres Cheltenham from us.

Buy online from our website or visit our workshop to buy class-apart units from leading manufacturers that will help you to enjoy a comfortable driving experience during the harshest part of the year.

Call us on 01242 261711 for a booking or if you have any query. Our industry experts will be more than delighted to help you out.

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